Mircea Gabriel Eftemie

I have an entrepreneur background
and love to work with tech, music and innovation. Also occasional metal guitarist, promoter & currently with Linkfire

Bragging Rights

Entrepreneurship has played a very big part in my life, as I always had the love and desire to create. My very first company, a multimedia company which I named Creative Active was established right after my University exit. Most of my learnings where made from operating on a trial and error basis, but this company, as a springboard, also made it possible for me to jump into tech entrepreneurship. I created my second company, Sharingear, a p2p marketplatform, sort of an AirBnB for musicians, by entering one of Europes biggest accelerator programs. Within this timeframe I raised a pre-pre-seed investment round but unfortunately reserves went dry and we crashed - if you are curious to know more, please head over to my Medium blog and read the entire journey there. Fortunately my path led me to entering another and super bad ass tech start-up named Linkfire... and the journey pretty much continues from here on.

Used to play in a band called Mnemic, and you could say I was a "professional musician" for over 10 years, since I ended up touring the world, performing on 5 continents and released 5 full length albums, which collectively sold over 100.000 units. Also very fortunate and extremely lucky to open up for Metallica, Deftones and a few others. I still enjoy playing, as I occasionally swing my axe in a band called Blood Eagle not a touring band, but more of a fun side-project.

In my spare time one of my big passions is to work as a promoter and talent buyer. Something I have actually done for 10 years now (jeez.. I am so old!!). What I mainly focus on is the development and execution of two rock/heavy metal oriented music festivals in Denmark, called AMF and RMF, where I am managing budgets, creating marketing strategies and basically designing the programme in co-operation with production teams and booking agencies.
Furthermore I also have a big passion for design and visual communication, as I used to work as a graphics designer for Nuclear Blast, Century Media records, and of course as an independent artist.

I can be reached anytime through my social media channels :-)